Shouhe Kuo

Team Leader of Marketing, Recruitment, Counselling, Assistance & Study Abroad

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Working Days: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday; Wednesday & Friday - morning

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Shouhe is Dutch and has a background in tourism management. She was born in China and moved to Rotterdam at the age of 7. Erasmus University Rotterdam and its staff and students are not unknown for her because she has fulfilled a couple of different roles at different departments for the last 15 years. There is a common thread in her previous roles and current role, namely: international environment and also international students. Before starting at EUC, she worked as programme manager for BSc International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management.

Why do you work at EUC?

In 2018, I got the opportunity to have a taste of EUC, due to the maternity leave of one of the colleagues. It was an enriching, refreshing and challenging experience, thus when a similar position opened up, I didn’t have to think too long and applied for this position. Now I am working in one of the most beautiful buildings in Rotterdam and I get the opportunity to work in an international, diverse and small-scale environment.