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Tessa Quispel

Currently: Erasmus University Rotterdam, Master Klinische Kinder- en Jeugd Psychologie (2021) & Master Psychologist at a nursing home (Basis Psycholoog)
Major: Double Major Political Sciences & International Relations and Psychology (class of 2019)
Minor: Public Health

Tiago Beck

Currently: Erasmus Medical Centre, Research MSc. of Neuroscience (2021) and Content and Marketing Specialist at Teamscope
Major: Life Science Pre-Medicine (class of 2019)

Tirza Zandbergen

Currently: Maastricht University, Master Biomedical Sciences, Regenerative Medicine (2021)
Major: Life Science (class of 2019)
Minor: Package of several smaller courses: Political Institutions & Public Governance, Epidemiology & Global Health and Governing Healthy Cities

Tom van Oosterhout

Currently: Intern at Imani Development Malawi, (Malawi Innovation Challenge Fund) MICF Division
Major: Economics (class of 2020)
Minor: Global Poverty, Local Solutions

Xandra Daswani

Currently: Sports Scientist at JOGO
Major: Life Sciences (class of 2016)
Minor: Het Geneeskundig Proces
Master: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise & Health (2018)

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