Application letter & CV

Application letter and CV

Student Counceling
Start date

Tuesday, 22 May 2018, 09:30

End date

Tuesday, 22 May 2018, 12:30

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What is a good application letter? What does a good CV look like? How can I prepare for a job interview? How do I create a network? Do you recognise yourself in these questions? This workshop will give you practical tips to write an excellent application letter and CV!

The workshop is first of all about the theory how to apply for a job. The theory is that you have to "sell" yourself, but how do you do that? In this workshop you'll get a close look at that. For example your CV is not just a list of all your activities, work history and education. You should consider it a marketing instrument that has to sell you. So how you can transform your list of activities to a sales document is what you'll learn in this workshop.

The following subjects will be addressed:

  • The theory how to apply for a job
  • Sample CV
  • Close look at the CV’s of the participants present
  • Job analysis: a structure that helps you to analyse a vacancy
  • Structure of an application letter
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Note: The workshops will be visible a few weeks before the workshop will take place. The workshop will no longer be visible in the webshop, when the maximum number of participants is reached. 

Number of participants: max. 12

Costs: € 20,-.

Trainer: Dorianne van Schaijk, Career Advisor Erasmus Uniersity Rotterdam.