Application letter and CV

Application letter and CV

Student Counceling
Start date

Wednesday, 4 Jul 2018, 09:30

End date

Wednesday, 4 Jul 2018, 12:30


In this intensive but interactive workshop you will be taught how to adjust your letter of application and CV (yes, your CV, too!) to every new company you apply to.* Companies don’t wish to receive letters of application and CVs which look like they could have been sent to a dozen other companies, as well. Rather, they wish to receive a company-specific application fully geared to their organisation and the position on offer. For this reason, this workshop not only covers CVs and letters of application, but job advert analysis and how to call companies and/or organisations.

This workshop opens with the theory which underpins all job application activities: Applying for a job = ........! If you wish to know what the dots stand for, sign up for this very instructive and highly rated course which stands out from the great mass of application letter and CV workshops!

*For this reason, the so-called Europass CV is not suited to the Dutch job market.

Course outline

The theory of job applications, plus practical skills such as drawing up a proper CV, analysing job adverts, calling companies, and writing an effective letter of application (solicited or unsolicited).

Who is this workshop for?

Bachelor’s and Master’s students who are in their final year of study, as well as EUR alumni who graduated less than a year ago, who are looking for a job in the Netherlands.

More information

Wednesday 4 July, 09.30 – 12.30 hrs.
€ 20,-
Enrollment deadline:
28 June 2018
You can register via the webshop, where you can pay via i-DEAL.
When the maximum number of participants is reached, this workshop is no longer visible in the webshop.