CANCELLED - Integrating sustainability in your classes (Share Your Knowledge week)

Start date

Monday 30 Mar 2020, 13:15

End date

Monday 30 Mar 2020, 14:45

Sustainability is one of the pillars of the new strategy. Discover how you can integrate this theme into your education.

Sustainability is the watchword of our generation. Students demand it. Society needs it. Jobs expect knowledge and know-how in sustainable practices. Thus, as teachers, it is our responsibility to find creative ways to deeply integrate and teach principles of sustainability, as well as model in our classroom how sustainability is performed and accomplished.

This workshop will give a short background of what sustainability is and why it is important, before diving into practical hands-on methods how to integrate it into the curriculum and classroom experience.

Trainer: Yogi Hendlin
Language:  English
Target group: Teaching staff
Number of participants: 20

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