Equality of opportunity in the Netherlands

Online webinar on Thursday 3 February

Bastian Ravesteijn

Thursday 3 Feb 2022, 15:30 - 16:30
Online event
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Bastian Ravesteijn gave a lecture on 3 February. Bastian and his colleagues are conducting research into equality of opportunity in the Netherlands.

He uses data of millions of Dutch people to investigate how, when and where the 'opportunity gap' arises. According to his research, this arises very early. “Of course, we already knew that there are differences in probability, but through my research we now also know how big the differences are, how and at what age they arise,” says Bastian. "Our research shows that the risk of high weight (BMI) is significantly higher among children of low-income parents compared to children of high-income parents, and that these differences appear as early as four months after birth."

De Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper) has published several articles about the research of Bastian and his colleagues. You can view in preparation for the lecture:


Because Bastian has collected so much data, he was able to develop the interactive website named KansenKaart.nl. This website provides insights into the extent to which the Dutch people enjoy the same opportunities in terms of income, education, and health. Bastian explains: "When comparing people in their thirties who grew up in families from the same income group but in different neighborhoods, there appears to be a clear correlation between the final test score of students in group 8 and the neighborhood in which they grew up".

About Bastian

Bastian Ravesteijn is teacher at Economics at Erasmus School of Economics.

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