Educational Impact Series

Impact-Driven Education: Mobilizing & Involving Stakeholders

Impact At The CoreErasmus University Rotterdam
Start date

Friday 15 Jan 2021, 13:00

End date

Friday 15 Jan 2021, 15:00

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Considering our aim to work with wicked societal problems, we ought to invest in a durable network of stakeholders and external partners. During our webinar on Impact by Design Education, we noticed that many people were interested in this topic: how to establish a connection between stakeholders and education? That is why, during this upcoming edition of our Educational Impact Series, we will focus on mobilizing and involving stakeholders.

For this webinar, we will be joined by prof. dr. Jan Peter van den Toren, Managing Partner at Birch Consultants. After the introductory presentations, we will subdivide into break-out rooms to discuss a set of learning questions. The event will be held entirely in English. 


  • Opening remarks by prof. dr. Arwin van Buuren, Academic Lead at Impact at the Core
  • Keynote by prof. dr. Jan Peter van den Toren, Owner and Director at Birch Consultants, and Professor of Practice 'Entrepreneurship in Ecosystems' at Tilburg University.
  • Short break
  • Break-out sessions by:
    • Prof. dr. Frank van Oort, Professor of Urban and Regional Economics at Erasmus School of Economics
    • Frieda Franke, Business Developer and Relations Manager at ErasmusX
  • Plenary discussion and evaluation
  • Closing 

About Impact at the Core

EUR aims to make a positive societal impact with its education. With that ambition in mind, we are building courses and programmes where students can work on the wicked problems of our time, alongside professionals from the field and fellow students from other disciplines. In surveys, students have stressed that they expect us to teach them the skills necessary to deal with contemporary societal challenges, in order to prepare them to find a fitting job in a field they are passionate about. Impact at the Core is a programme set up to fund, support and co-develop initiatives for education that revolves around the meaningful, tangible effect that we induce.

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About prof. dr. Jan Peter van den Toren


Jan Peter van den Toren (1964) is Professor of Practice 'Entrepreneurship in ecosystems' at Tilburg School of Economics and Management (Tilburg University, part time). He is a researcher and advisor to the university on the phenomenon of entrepreneurship in ecosystems, and the way in which entrepreneurs, their organizations and policymakers can take advantage of and contribute to existing ecosystems.

Jan Peter is owner and director of Birch Consultants BV. Birch assists sectors, companies, governments and knowledge institutions in policy, strategy and business development. He advises his clients on ecosystems in which entrepreneurship flourishes and policies that strengthen these ecosystems. Birch supports starting (mostly university-based) entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to the market. Since its start in 2011, Birch itself has given birth to several new firms. 

Jan Peter obtained his master's as an economist at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Ever since he started working in 1987, he has always maintained the relationship with science, e.g. by obtaining a PhD (Leiden University) and as an endowed professor (University of Amsterdam). Moreover, he has worked at the trade union movement, as senior managing consultant at Berenschot Consultancy, and as strategy advisor to the Prime Minister at the Ministry of General Affairs in the Netherlands. He was also responsible for the Innovation Platform that fostered innovation policy in the Netherlands as well as for the start of the Amsterdam Economic Board.