Measuring team atmosphere and wellbeing in the app ‘on course’

Learnings from a Comenius project
Start date

Wednesday 25 Nov 2020, 10:00

End date

Wednesday 25 Nov 2020, 11:00

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In the context of a Comenius grant, Irma Bogenrieder (Associate Professor and Academic director Master in Management at RSM) and her team developed a team barometer that should measure work progress and atmosphere within a team during an assignment. This team barometer works as an app that has to be filled in by students every week.

Teamwork and team dynamics within a student team is often a black box for instructors. To manage teamwork effectively, an instructor should get insights in what is happening within a team in terms of team dynamics and students’ wellbeing within that team.

This will enable an instructor to signal specific problems in time. Subsequently,  s/he can stimulate the team to discuss and solve problems in an appropriate way – first, by inviting a team to discuss problems autonomously within a team and, second, to intervene if necessary.

Hopefully, this will prevent frustration and study delay.

Irma Bogenrieder and her team have seen some improvements regarding team work and also have some learnings. She would like to share them with you.