MicroLab Summer Festival - online edition

Start date

Monday 6 Jul 2020, 09:30

End date

Friday 10 Jul 2020, 16:30

Summer is almost here! How has this academic year been for you as a teacher? Was it hard to change into online courses due to the Corona outbreak or did you already have some experience with online education? What responses and feedback did you get from students?

Summer is often the time to rethink or redesign your education, next to relaxing during your holiday of course. We can help you with new ideas and inspiration: we would like invite you to the MicroLab Festival. The online version of it, of course. MicroLabs are short how-to modules about specific educational issues, for example: how can I make more interactive lectures? How can I use storytelling in my course? How can I make my course more inclusive? Or how do I construct good assessments? We’ve created an animation to explain this concept to you, in just a little over 1 minute. All MicroLabs can be followed online, and next to that we’ll have webinars and an education pub quiz.

Please feel welcome to participate and have an inspiring start of your summer!

Nice add-ons to this Festival

  • How much do you know about education, Erasmus University Rotterdam and teaching effectively? Together with your colleagues, take part in this Education Pubquiz and compete against other colleagues from EUR. Provide your own drinks and snacks from home, participate in a live stream of the quizmasters and discuss the answers with your teammates remotely. The Pubquiz is also open to non-teaching staff. Only 1 registration per team needed.

  • Are you looking for online tools to make your online teaching sessions more interactive and fun? In the Online tool experience you will experience different tools and we will explain for what purposes you can use them yourself. The Online tool experience is also open to non-teaching staff.

  • Throughout the week we challenge you tackle an educational question and share your solution on social media. More information will follow. Registration is not needed. 

  • Take a look and be inspired by the exhibition of proceeds from the various MicroLabs that took place during the MicroLab summer festival. The winners of the Education Pub Quiz and the #challenge will also be announced! More information will follow and registration is not necessary.


You can find a detailed description of each MicroLab on our page under the heading 'The MicroLabs we offer'

Registration for the MicroLab Summerfestival is closed. But you still can join and register for the Webinars

July 6th9:30 - 11:30How to design an assessment plan and matrix (registration closed)
 9:30 - 11:30How to construct multiple-choice questions and exams (registration closed)
 9:30 - 11:30How to construct open-ended questions and rubrics (registration closed)
July 7th10:00-12:30How to engage your students with Storytelling and Theatre skills (registration closed)
 9:30-11:30How to lecture with impact (registration closed)
 12.30 - 13.30Webinar ‘Online tool experience’ – at least 4 participants
 14:00-16:00How to activate students in small groups (registration closed)
July 8th9:30-11:30How to blend your course with Canvas – part 1 (registration closed)
 9:30-11:30How to create an educational video - camera training (registration closed)
 12.00 – 13.00

Webinar ‘visualize your content to support students’ (online) learning’

 14:30 -16:30

How to blend your course with Canvas – part 2

work session and presentations (registration closed)

 14:30 -16:30How to create an educational video (registration closed)
July 9th9:30-14:00How to create a culturally inclusive classroom? (registration closed)
 13:30-16:30How to accommodate differences in prior knowledge between students (registration closed)
 13:30 - 16:30How to include sustainable development in your course (registration closed)
July 10th9:30 - 12:30MicoLab for TAs/tutors: How to activate students in the tutorial (registration closed)
 13:30 -16:30MicoLab for TAs/tutors: How to utilize public speaking in the tutorial (registration closed)

How do I sign up?

MicroLabs are developed by research and training institute Risbo and made possible by the Community for Learning & Innovation.

Registration for the MicroLab Summerfestival is closed. But you still can join and register for the Webinars!
Click here to sign up - a Risbo page will open.