NWO Inspireert

Tuesday 29 Jun 2021, 15:00 - 16:45
Online event


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Are you ever stuck because..

You want to tell people that new algorithms can now also analyse video images, but all they hear is that machines will soon be smarter than people. You want to talk about your research into accelerated climate change, but all the audience hears is that we must limit ourselves even more. You want to talk about the fact that there should be a more critical approach to media reporting but all the public hears is criticism of their own perceptions. How our stories about science are heard is strongly influenced by existing images and ideas about the subject. How do you get the story across that you want to tell?

On Tuesday 29 June (between 15:00 and 16:45) NWO has invited three speakers to use their stories to address current issues in science. What stories and images live on about artificial intelligence, climate change and (fake) news? Are there persistent misunderstandings or misleading ideas that we should debunk in our stories? What do you want to tell as a scientist or science communicator and how do you do this best?

Frank van Harmelen (professor of Artificial Intelligence at the VU University Amsterdam), Nel Ruigrok (media scientist at Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Anabella Meijer (concept developer and visual storyteller) talk about this in an inspiration session hosted by Anna Heijker.

Register before Friday June 25th for this inspiring meeting on the NWO website. The meeting can be followed online entirely.