Rosalba Icaza to present book on alternative forms of theorizing social reality

Start date

Friday 1 Dec 2017, 00:00

End date

Friday 1 Dec 2017, 00:00

University of Bath Claverton Down Bath BA2 7AY UK
Rosalba Icaza

The book opens a unique intellectual space where eleven female scholar-activists (Women on the Verge scholar-activist group) working in Mexico, USA, Sweden, Australia, and the UK, explore alternative forms of theorizing this social reality.

It addresses the current state of radical politics - the 'other' politics. In the context of the extensive range of current and ongoing crises encompassing poverty and hunger; war and conflict leading to rape and death, it might be surprising to find that alternative political movements are mobilizing to create ‘concrete utopias’ in a range of subtle forms.  These are opening breathing spaces through which to conceive and organise social life in new and alternative ways.  Indeed, a myriad of knowledges and practices are developing in urban and rural areas to bring these to fruition. 

While often based in traditions of resistance, people are mobilising with new approaches to cooperative production and consumption, self-management and communal property; non-representational politics and anti-oppressive education. 

he question is how to understand the significance of these collective actions for innovative forms of politics and policy that affirm life when the reproduction of life has become a struggle.

This event is sponsored by the Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF)


Dr Ana C Dinerstein, SPS, University of Bath

Dr Sarah Amsler, Education, University of Nottingham

Dr Aurelien Mondon, POLIS, University of Bath

Dr Rosalba Icaza, ISS

Dr Sara Motta, University of Newcastle, Australia, (Skype)