The Post-Truth Era
Table Talk

Table Talk: The Post-Truth Era

Studium Generale
Start date

Wednesday, 17 Jan 2018, 12:30

End date

Wednesday, 17 Jan 2018, 13:30

Sanders building
Campus Woudestein
Table Talk | The Post-Truth Era

The concepts of fact free society, post-truth politics and fake news have been buzzing around. Post-truth even has been elected word of the year in 2017 (the Collins Dictionary) and 2016 (Oxford Dictionaries). It is safe to say we have entered some sort of knowledge crisis. And while having a robust, fixed truth always feels alluring, it is getting harder to be sure of anything. Is our knowledge jeopardized? Is there still truth? Is everything a subjective, social construct? Or has truth just become very complex?

With a White House press secretary giving ‘alternative facts’, Pizzagate and Russian Facebooks ads, finding a way of coping is complex. What can you do in order to know that what you read is “true”? Can authorities of information and knowledge, as the press, government and academics, still lead the way? Or is the only way the insecure way?

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Do you feel the need to just talk freely with other students about recent developments, interesting topics or current events? To share thoughts and views with others from different disciplines and background? Starting Wednesday the 1st of November Studium Generale will offer the possibility to talk, discuss and listen with fellow students on a regular basis.

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The talks will be in English and moderated by Camie Karstanje, programme manager science of Studium Generale and herself a recent graduate (2015).