Requests for extra facilities

Having to deal with a functional impairment may represent a restriction for you as a student. The EUR therefore offers extra facilities in various fields, including examinations and education. These cover, among other things, extra time for examinations or the use of text-to-speech software. Other facilities may include the use of a hearing loop, for example, or a parking card for physically impaired students.

Do you need extra facilities and supervision during your course?

Then please contact the study adviser well before the start of your study programme in order to coordinate the extra facilities that you need. The study adviser will assist you where possible and help you with timely applications for the facilities.

Find links to the contact details of the study advisers for each faculty here.

The most common facilities* requested are:

  • 30 minutes of extra examination time in a smaller and quieter room (including for students with dyslexia, ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders);
  • 30 minutes of extra examination time and taking tests on the computer (including for students with a broken arm/wrist or joint disorders such as rheumatism)

*in order to be able to make use of a facility, an official diagnosis or certificate is always required.

One of the most common functional impairments is dyslexia. In order to simplify applications for extra facilities, the EUR has drawn up a protocol.