Tuberculosis check

Depending on your nationality you might have to take a tuberculosis check upon your arrival in the Netherlands.The tuberculosis check is free of charge.

International students need to undergo a tuberculosis check unless they have one of the nationalities listed in the IND Appendix Exemption from the obligation to undergo a TB test.

Download the document Exemption from the obligation to undergo a TB test.

If your nationality is not on this list, you do need to take the TB test. The test can only be done after your arrival in the Netherlands and only by the Dutch Public Health Authority (GGD). For taking the test, you need to make an appointment in advance by calling 010-4339440.

The address of the GGD in Rotterdam is Schiedamsedijk 95, 3011 EN Rotterdam. 

Public transport: metro station Leuvehaven, tram lines 8 and 23/25. 

When you go to the GGD for a tuberculosis check, please make sure to:

  • Take the Tuberculosis examination referral form
  • Bring your passport
  • Fill in your address and personal information on the Tuberculosis Examination Referral Form
  • If you travel by public transport: take an OV-chipcard with you and make sure there is enough credit on it

Download the Tuberculosis examination referral form.

After taking the test you will receive the completed Tuberculosis Examination Referral form from the GGD staff. The completed form must be send to the IND. You can either send the form to the IND yourself (the address can be found on the form) or deposit the form in the mailbox in front of the ESSC desks in the E-building. Forms deposited at the ESSC will be forwarded to the IND by the university.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You have to undergo the TB-check within 3 months of arriving in the Netherlands. If you haven’t done so, please do it as soon as possible. Please realise the IND can take measures if you wait too long!