Do you want to meet students from all faculties at Erasmus University Rotterdam? Are you ready to discover Rotterdam and the university? Then join Eurekaweek 2017 – the official introduction activity for all new students!


You will join a group of 10-15 students of your own study, which will be guided by two older students. In this week you will be encouraged to discover your new environment, both the city of Rotterdam, its student life and the university. 


For all internationals students the week will start at Sunday August 20. This extra day is especially designed to get acquainted with the Dutch habits.
Furthermore, you can go island hopping between various convenient organizations and businesses which help you get started with Rotterdam’s student life. You will get the opportunity to arrange a room or a bike, and to open a student bank account, to name a few.


The theme of the Eurekaweek 2017 is ‘All Hands On Deck’. This theme highlights the importance of diversity and inclusivity, and emphasises the mentality of Rotterdam: working hard together. The Eurekaweek committee invites all of you to come aboard and set sail through Rotterdam!

The next Eurekaweek will take place on 21-24 August 2017.

For more information visit the website of the Eurekaweek or follow the Facebook page for the latest updates!