Erasmus School of Economics

Procedure for completion Master's studies

After your coach and co-reader has approved your Master’s thesis via the Thesis Workflow, an email will be sent to your student email address from the Thesis Workflow. Afterwards log in to OSIRIS student go to 'Cases' tab and click through to the 'May Cases' section, click on 'Start Case' and select the application form. Before you complete the registration form, contact your coaches to agree a date for your thesis defence. After having consulted your coaches, complete the registration form for the Master’s examinations. You may stipulate a preference for your defence; either in the morning between 08.30 and 11.30, or in the afternoon between 12.30 and 15.30. As far as possible, we will try to take account of your wishes. Please also bear in mind that when a day is fully booked, your defence may be scheduled on another day. Your thesis defence will last approximately one hour. You will receive the invitation about 10 working days before your defence on your student email account.

Date of graduation Erasmus School of Economics

Applications must be received by us at least 4 weeks before the date of graduation to be requested - on the appropriate form.

Date of graduation

Deadline for applying the Master exam

12 September 201815 August 2018
18 September 201821 August 2018
20 September 201823 August 2018
24 September 201827 August 2018
26 September 201829 August 2018
27 September 201830 August 2018
09 October 201811 September 2018
11 October 201813 September 2018
16 October 201818 September 2018
18 October 201820 September 2018
08 November 201811 October 2018
15 November 201818 October 2018
20 November 201823 October 2018

Graduation day Erasmus School of Economics 

To ensure everything goes smoothly on your graduation day and during the graduation ceremony (during which you receive diploma), we have compiled a check list. This protocol applies to students taking Master’s examinations.

  • The graduation ceremony will be held in the examination rooms in the Erasmus building (A).
  • On your graduation day, you should report to room AB-11 a quarter of an hour before the start of the examination session.
  • If the session is open to the public, your guests may attend.
  • For the first fifteen minutes of the session (approximately), you will have the opportunity to explain your research, methodology and conclusions, as formulated in your thesis; after which the thesis committee will put questions to you.
  • Subsequently, the committee will leave the examination room, to discuss your final mark, and you and your guests will remain there to await their return.
  • Once a decision has been made about your final mark, you and your guests will be invited to attend the graduation ceremony.
  • At the ceremony, the committee will hand you your diploma, corresponding list of marks and supplement.
  • Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for people to offer you their congratulations in the hall.

There are various restaurants in the university complex where you can continue your celebrations. However, it is advisable to enquire about these possibilities in advance and to make a reservation in good time. To consider the various possibilities, please refer to

On behalf of the Study Progress and Diploma Administration Team, we would like to wish you an enjoyable and memorable day!