How do I publish Open Access?

Erasmus University Rotterdam offers various ways to make your research available Open Access, so that there is a suitable solution for every situation.

Gold Open Access

When publishing in an Open Access Journal take into account the Article Processing Costs or APC's (on average € 2,000) that will most likely have to be paid. This can be overcome at an early stage by including these costs when applying for a research fund.

Publisher Deals
The University Library has already covered the APC's for most journals of renowned publishers in so called publisher deals. This means that as an EUR researcher you can publish your research Open Access free of charge. For more information on this go to Publisher Deals.

Erasmus Open Access Fund
If there are no financial arrangements in place to cover the APCs you can request funding from the Erasmus Open Access Fund. Applications that meet the criteria will be honored so long as the total budget is sufficient. For more information go to Erasmus Open Access Fund.

Green Open Access

Publications that have not been published in an Open Access journal can be made available Open Access through the institutional repository, RePub – this is also known as self-archiving. All publications in the institutional repository can be found through NARCIS, the national portal for scientific information, and are quickly indexed by search robots and therefore positioned high in search rankings. If your research is registered in Metis a link to the Open Access version of your work will appear on your research profile page.

Upload to RePub
You can upload a publication to the institutional repository (RePub) while registering the publication in Metis, the research information system of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The manual for Personal Metis explains how you can upload a full text document

If your faculty does not use Personal Metis, you can upload your publication directly via the Submit button in RePub.

Check the copyright regulations of a journal in the dataset of Sherpa Romeo to see which version of your publication may be self-archived via the institutional repository.

  • Published version, or the publisher version: the final version of your article that will be published;
  • Accepted version, or the final author version: the last manuscript version prior to the journal’s layout.

Give your final author version a professional look with an official EUR lay-out including the original pagination. For more information click here

Taverne Amendment
Article 25fa of the Copyright Act (Taverne Amendment) allows researchers to share short scientific work (e.g. articles and book chapters), regardless of any restrictive publishers' guidelines. The maker of a short scientific work, the research for which has been paid for in whole or in part by Dutch public funds, shall be entitled to make that work available to the public for no consideration following a reasonable period of time after the work was first published, provided that clear reference is made to the source of the first publication of the work.

For more information, please go to Taverne Amendment.

Flowchart: How do I publish Open Access?