Immigration costs

  • The Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) needs proof of financial means from international students to make sure they can provide for their expenses during their stay in the Netherlands. 

    The amount you need to transfer to the Erasmus University Rotterdam consists of 3 parts:

    1. Tuition fee, applicable to your situation.

    2. Immigration fee of €321 (Israeli student do not pay immigration fee)

    3. Living fee (refundablesee below) of €875 for every month you will be studying in the Netherlands.

      • This fee should correspond with the duration of your programme. It has a maximum of 12 months - €10.500 - in case you enrol for a programme with a duration of more than one year.

    You can either add up the different amounts to pay at once, or do separate payments.

    IMPORTANT: please note that all additional fees that the banks may charge for the international bank transfer must be covered by yourself!

    • Extension fee is all students: €159
      for Turkish citizens: €51
    • Pay through our web shop: external (preferred)
    • If you do not have a Dutch bank account, you can pay at the ESSC in the Sanders building, ground floor, Woudestein Campus. Cash payments are not possible.
    • Immigration fee of €321 
  • Account holderErasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    Account number (IBAN number)NL74ABNA0448454963
    Account number (BIC code)ABNANL2A
    Bank addressABN AMRO bank, Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, Amsterdam
    Payment reference

    [studentnumber]/yourfullname]/[dateofbirth (ddmmyyy)]/[INDdeposit]

    (example: 12345/johndoe/03051985/INDdeposit)
  • Once you have arrived in the Netherlands and opened a Dutch bank account, you can submit your refund request by completing the online IND deposit refund form. You can find the form here.

    IMPORTANT: ensure that you are financially covered during the first few weeks in the Netherlands, as the refund procedure may take a couple of weeks.