Gaining international work experience can be very worthwhile, just like studying abroad. It allows you to gain a better understanding of different cultures and get an idea of what an international working environment is like.

General information

Doing an internship abroad gives you the opportunity to discover whether working abroad suits you. It is also an ideal way of getting to know an organisation well. This is especially handy if you are considering applying for a job at that organisation, or one similar to it, after your studies.

Unique international work experience, possibly with the financial compensation paid to trainees and an Erasmus+ grant, if applicable.Internships require lengthy preparation time because you need to arrange your own funding. You may have to pay mediation fees at special traineeship agencies and you may have to pay local income tax. You also may need to apply for a work permit or arrange your own traineeship agreement with respect to assessment, level, etc.

For more information on internships abroad, you can contact your faculty coordinator or you could refer to Nuffic’s website (

Internships in Europe: Erasmus+ programme

A well-known exchange network within Europe is that Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission. If you participate in this programme, you can request the Erasmus+ grant, which is specifically for students going on internships or an exchange programme in Europe. For more information about the participating countries, conditions and application procedure, see this page.

Finding your internship through an organisation

There is also a possibility to arrange your international internship through an organisation. The most popular ones that have the experience in arranging such internships are listed below.

Doing an internship after your graduation

It is possible to do an internship in one of the participating counties of the Erasmus+ Programme to improve your chances on the labour market. You are eligible for the grant if you meet the requirements of the programme, apply for the grant before graduating and do your internship in the same field as your study. Your faculty has to approve your internship and will nominate you at the International Office.

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