Invite your friends and win a hoodie!

Invite your friends to EUR Connect and win a hoodie!

It's easy:

1. Invite as many EUR alumni, students or staff  as possible to EUR Connect.

2. Send a list of names of the people you have invited to

3. We check whether they actually have signed up. The five people who have invited the most friends, win a hoodie!

Of course you can invite friends any way you like.

Or: just copy-paste the text below and send them an e-mail or message via social media.


Hi (your friends name),

How are you?
Have you heard of EUR Connect? It's an online community of Erasmus University where you can re-connect, expand your professional network or advance your career.

I am a member already and I think it's a great way to stay connected and see what's going on at the EUR. Check it out on

(your name)


E-mail your list with names before 15 May to

Good luck!


Team EUR Connect