How can you help us ensure we settle your invoice on time?

ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM (EUR) attaches great importance to your goods and/or services. At a glance, this leaflet provides an insight into how you can help ensure there is no unnecessary delay in the processing and settlement of your invoice. Naturally, your invoice must comply with all relevant legal conditions which you can refer to at

Please include the following details in your invoice:

  1. Your company’s name, address, telephone number and email address
  2. Erasmus University Rotterdam
    Name of the businessunit
    Attn. SSC-HR&F Accounts Payable
    PO Box 1738
    3000 DR Rotterdam
    The Netherlands
  3. The EUR budget number
  4. The email address of the requester/your contact person
  5. If provided by your contact person: the ledger account and any other details
  6. A description of the goods/services delivered in accordance with the order
  7. Your IBAN account number
  8. Your commercial register number, VAT number and a correct calculation of the VAT amounts.      

Please ensure these details are all included on the first page of the invoice!

N.B. Without the EUR budget number in combination with the business unit, we will be unable to process your invoice!

What else can you do to ensure timely settlement?

  • Submit your invoice as quickly as possible after delivery of the goods and services.
  • Stipulate VAT exempt, 6% and 21% separately.
  • If applicable, stipulate deductible and non-deductible VAT separately.
  • If using a credit note, the same details as those on the debit note must all be stipulated; the debit note number alone is insufficient.
  • Please use electronic invoices and email these in PDF format to Regarding new invoices only, these must be sent individually, i.e. each new invoice must be submitted in a separate PDF file.
  • Only send invoices once; i.e. do not send them electronically and by post.
  • Submit credit invoices and new debit notes separately.

What should you never do?

  • Accept an order or send an invoice without having received an EUR budget number in combination with a company name.
  • Without consulting the requester, make use of an EUR budget number which was issued when ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM placed a previous order. 
  • Submit an invoice which relates to more than one EUR budget number issued by ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM (unless you have contractually agreed this in advance).
  • Submit summary invoices (unless you have contractually agreed this in advance).
  • Stipulate prices, quantities, or descriptions which differ from those on the order.
  • Submit invoices which exceed the total order value.
  • Offset debit and credit invoices against each other (without agreeing this in advance).

Additional information

If you have any questions, please contact:

Erasmus University Rotterdam Accounts Payable

T 010 – 408 8010


Electronic invoices should be sent to: (only in PDF)

Download the invoiceterms as PDF-file