Lecture 2

Recent Trends in Data Visualization

LecturerClement Levallois (EUR) & Jan Willem Tulp
DateThursday, 23 August 2012
Time10.00 - 12.00
LocationMeertens Institute, Amsterdam

Lecture Info

Data are increasingly available to generate useful information for researchers, journalists, public officials, citizens and companies. Digital collections in museums and libraries, twitter feeds, open data released by governments: these are promises for new knowledge and the development of exciting applications. However, how to get meaningful insights from thousands of spreadsheets or webpages, or gigabytes of database records? How to share it with a wide audience in a direct way?

Data visualization is an answer to this challenge: visualizing data to comprehend it and share it. This lecture will present very recent developments in data visualization, the tools and technologies available for it, and examples of applications.


Clement Levallois is a Research Associate at the Rotterdam School of Management and the Erasmus Studio. Since 2008, Clement became particularly interested in "data visualization", an innovative methodology to study knowledge dynamics for academic and professional purposes. He rapidly became an expert user of the software Gephi, a member of the Gephi Consortium and the Gephi Community Support team.

Jan Willem Tulp is a leading data visualization professional, based in The Hague.