Lecture 2 - Why measuring science?

Speaker    Andrea Scharnhorst (VKS KNAW)
Date          Tuesday, 1 september 2009
Time          10:00-12:00
Location   Cq-F1, roomnumber Ec-342 (Hoboken/Erasmus MC, Rotterdam)


This lecture gives an introduction in some fundamentals of bibliometrics such as Lotka's law and Bradford's law. Links between traditional bibliometrics and new approaches to visualize and model science are discussed as well as the relevance of the so-called "new information science" for library sciences and science policy. As introduction for both lectures read the attached "classic" bibliometric analysis of the field of chemical oscillations (burger/bujdoso - distributed soon).

For the first lecture you might want to look into the 12 page editorial for a special issue on "Science of science".

Recommended literature

Science of science, Visual conceptualizations and models of science

Burger and Bujdoso, Oscillating Chemical Reactions as an Example of the Development of a Subfield of Science This

Lecture is not open to the public!