Lecture 3 - Why modelling science?

Speaker    Andrea Scharnhorst (VKS KNAW)
Date          Thursday, 3 september 2009
Time          10:00-12:00
Location   Room T3-13 (Woudestein, Rotterdam)


This lecture gives an introduction into some aspects of mathematical models of science. What contribute models to a better understanding of science? How do mathematical models and epistemic philosophical questions relate to each other? How surveys of user behaviour, ethnographic studies and science history can be integrated into mathematical models and what do we win? Starting with a very specific approach - scientific ideas as epidemics - some concrete models and simulations will be presented.

For the second lecture you might want to have a look into Bruckner et al 1990 (scientometrics vol18). Read the verbal description of the model, look at the simulation results! What contributes the model different compared to the measurements as done in Burger/Bujdoso?

Recommended literature

Bruckner et al (1990), The application of Evolution Models in Scientometrics

This Lecture is not open to the public!