Lecture 4

Metadata: Holy Grail or Heavy Burden?

LecturerDolf Trieschnigg (Twente)
DateMonday, 3 September 2012
Time10.00 - 12.00
LocationErasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Lecture Info

The presence of metadata is essential for making digital archives accessible. Assigning metadata manually is expensive and how much do we get in return? Automatically assigning metadata is cheap may potentially lead to errors. In this presentation we will explore metadata and its value for search in two domains. Firstly, the domain of biomedical literature where MEDLINE citations are manually labeled with Medical Subject Headings. Secondly, the domain of archived folktales, where we will look at metadata present in the Dutch folktale database. Despite the differences in domains, commonalities in the use of metadata can be observed.


Dolf Trieschnigg is a researcher in the fields of computer and information science. He does his research at the University of Twente and the Meertens Institute.