Lecture 5

Visualising History: Images We Share

LecturerMartijn Kleppe (EUR)
DateTuesday, 4 September 2012
Time13.30 - 15.30
LocationErasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Lecture Info

Our History is being told to us but also shown by images. In this session I will introduce the concept ʻiconic photosʼ and will show how photos become iconic, focusing on the editors who choose pictures to be published. The role of their personal memory will be discussed as well as the role of digital image databases. The workshop includes an assignment in which you will be the editor for 30 minutes and have to make your own yearbook. I will close the workshop by giving an introduction into the research project ʻAXES-Access to Audiovisual Archivesʼ in which new techniques are developed to open up (audio) visual archives (see also www.axes-project.eu).

The results of this lecture's assignment can be found at http://pinterest.com/lecturesmartijn/.


Martijn Kleppe, MA is finishing a PhD project on the production of Dutch photographic icons within the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. He actively uses computer-assisted software to examine large visual datasets as source for historical studies. For his dissertation he created a database of 4,000 photos that were published in Dutch History textbooks and interviewed the editors of these history textbooks on the use of picture archives.