Lecture 5 - Pursuing tags

Speaker    Rogier Brussee (Novay)
Date          Thursday, 10 september 2009
Time          10:00-12:00
Location   Room G2-41 (Woudestein, Rotterdam)


Tagging with free form tags is becoming an increasingly important indexing mechanism. However, tags have characteristics that require special treatment when used for searching or recommendation because they show much more variation than controlled keywords.

We present a method that puts this large variation to good use. We introduce second order co-occurrence as a stable measure for tag similarities that is robust against the variation in tags. From this distance measure between tags it is straightforward to derive methods to analyze user interest, compute recommendations and search in a tagged collection in a unified way. We present an interface in which recommendation, browsing and searching in a tagged collection based on the proposed techniques are integrated according to principles of information foraging theory.

The handout of the lecture slides can be found here.


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