Lecture 7

Interfaces into Collections

LecturerAndrea Scharnhorst (DANS and e-Humanities group, KNAW)
DateTuesday, 11 September 2012
Time13.00 - 15.00
LocationErasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Lecture Info

We start with the so-called visual turn in scientometrics and the use of science maps for libraries. We discuss how maps and other visual elements could be also used as interfaces to browse collections. A simple experiment to ʻlook into EASYʼ the digital archive of DANS is presented and discussed. We discuss which collaboration structure would be most suitable to develop interactive interfaces to libraries.  


Dr. Andrea Scharnhorst is Head of Research at DANS and member of the e- humanities group at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in Amsterdam. Her work focuses on modelling and simulating the emergence of innovations (new modes of behaviour and learning, forms of communication, technologies or scientific ideas) in social systems. She has worked on transfer of concepts and methods at an interface between physics and social sciences and humanities.