Lecture 7 - Access to content: the after sales of conducting oral history

Speaker    Dr. Stef Scagliola (Veteraneninstituut)
Date          Tuesday 14 September 2010
Time          10:00-12:00
Location   Room T3-07, Campus Woudestein, Rotterdam


During this talk dr. Scagliola will discuss the characteristics of oral history as process generated data which can be found in archives and libraries, other than research generated data which generally ends up in the desk draw of the researcher after the book or volume is published.

ICT-technology offers a wide range of solutions for the reuse of qualitative data/oral history regarding issues such as context-data and privacy. Moreover ICT offers  tools to enhance the data in ways that stimulate debate on the interpretation of oral sources between different disciplines. This will be illustrated by a presentation of the Dutch Veterans Interviewproject, a collection of 1000 interviews with Dutch veterans of different generations, and the Buchenwald-portal, a collection of interviews with former prisoners of concentration camp Buchenwald, which have been made searchable  with Speech Retrieval.

It would be stimulating for the workshop if the students could reflect on their knowledge of oral history in relation to the stories they have heard at home and to their elementary and high-school curriculum. I intend to start with a short introduction of everyone on this topic.

This talk's powerpoint can be found here.

This Lecture is not open to the public!