Below you'll find common questions regarding the EDSC and the services we offer.

Erasmus Data Service Centre

The EDSC provides access to financial and social science databases and gives individual support and workshops for students and staff of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
The EDSC mission is to provide excellent research data support for researchers, teachers and students.

You can find the EDSC in the rooms Y03-16, Y03-17 and Y03-18 in the Polak-building.

Room Y03-17
Phone: 010-4081232
Email address: edsc@eur.nl
Question form: https://eur-nl.libanswers.com/form.php?queue_id=2469

Financial (company level) databases
Macro-economic (country level) databases
Microdata sources (permitted uses for these databases)

Yes, the EDSC offers manuals. See for this: https://libguides.eur.nl/edsc-manuals

The EDSC offers 24hrs remote access to: Eikon/Datastream and Morningstar.

More info: https://www.eur.nl/en/library/erasmus-data-service-centre/databases/remote-access

The Bloomberg terminals (right now we have 4 terminals available) can only be accessed in Y03-18 (Polak Building).

Due to Covid-19 you need to make an appointment for the use of a Bloomberg/Eikon terminal: https://eur-nl.libcal.com/reserve/BL_EI

You first log in with your ERNA account on the terminal and then log in to Bloomberg. The credentials can be found at the bottom of your screen/monitor.

Due to Covid-19 you need to make an appointment for the use of a Bloomberg/Eikon terminal: https://eur-nl.libcal.com/reserve/BL_EI

You may use a Bloomberg terminal for a maximum of two hours per day.


The rules:

  • EUR users only.
  • Not for commercial purposes.
  • Max 2 users per terminal.
  • Max 2 hours a day.
  • You need to leave in case of a workshop.
  • Clean desk policy.

Yes, Bloomberg has download limits. On each terminal you can only download a certain amount of data. In other words: there is a download limit. This limit will be reset at the beginning of each month.

The opening hours of the Bloomberg / Eikon Class are the same opening times as those of the Polak building. See for opening hours Polak building:


Eikon is the successor of both Datastream and ThomsonOne. The interface has the same look and feel as Bloomberg and it’s also possible to use a Datastream Excel add-in. Eikon is available in Y03-18 (Polak building).

Eikon requires to login with a username password that you can find at the bottom of your monitor. 

To activate the Thomson Reuters Eikon Microsoft Excel Datastream add-in, this is what you need to do: Login to Eikon. Next Open: Microsoft Excel –Click “Enable content” (be patient it takes a while for the add-in to appear) Click Sign In - Select Add-Ons. The following apps will be installed: Analyze This, Datastream, Datastream Charting, Deal Analytics, Eikon for Microsoft Office Core (64 bit), Linking, PDF Link and Presentation Tools. Wait till all app’s states: Restart Required. Click on close and close Excel. Don't restart the pc, because Eikon will still be running on the background. Wait till Excel is fully closed. When in doubt check task manager. Now restart Microsoft Excel and check if you see the new tab on the right: “Thomson Reuters Datastream”. (Be patient, it sometimes takes a few minutes before you see the Thomson Reuters and Datastream Add-in). If you also want the Bloomberg Add-in in Excel. Select in the Start menu: Bloomberg – Install office add-ins. Click Install - Close Excel again – Open Excel and now you have the Bloomberg and Datastream add-in.

No, Datastream has no download limits.

Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS) is the interface to datasets such as: CRSP, Compustat, ExecuComp, I/B/E/S, OptionMetrics, RiskMetrics and TAQ.

Students no longer need to apply for a day-pass. As of 30 April 2021 both researchers and students can create an account. Visit this link to register your account: https://eur.idm.oclc.org/login?url=https://wrds-www.wharton.upenn.edu/register/

Additional info for students: you need to enter your official ERNA email address (should look like 123456ab@student.eur.nl). Choose "Student (Masters / Undergrad)" as user type. Expiration date should be set to 31-08-2021.

If you used the correct e-mail you should receive confirmation. Otherwise just try to log in to see if your account is approved. Account requests made during the weekend will be approved on Monday.

ThomsonOne (T1) only works with the Internet Explorer. Other browsers won't show all information!

The most important thing to do if you want to use ThomsonOne (T1) via "Internet Explorer" is to clean cookies and set up the compatibility view settings in the correct way. You must add "Thomson" to the compatibility view settings.

Use this link to sign up for individual support: https://eur-nl.libcal.com/appointments/EDSC-individual-support/edsc

You will receive a confirmation of your reservation through your ERNA email account.

Important! Due to Covid-19 right now all individual support sessions are organised online, You'll receive a MS Teams invitation a few minutes before the start of the appointment.

Individual support takes place in room Y03-20 in the Polak-building.

You can make a maximum of four appointments for this service.

The EDSC doesn't support statistical packages and cannot help you with the analysis of the data. Contact your lecturer or supervisor for help.

If you do not show up within ten minutes of the appointed time, the appointment will be cancelled. If no valid reason can be given for breaking an appointment, you will be excluded from this service.

Your confirmation mail contains a URL to cancel your registration.

Every month (except in July, August and September) the EDSC provides workshops that explain the use of our financial databases. These workshops are organized by topic. This makes it possible to compare ways to collect the same data from different databases in a single workshop. We make an exception for Bloomberg: we notice that for a lot of users this is the most difficult database to use. Collecting data from this system differs greatly depending on your topic.  That's why we will still offer a workshop specifically aimed at this database.

The EDSC offers the following workshops:

  • Introduction workshop
  • Mergers & acquisitions, IPO
  • Stocks, indices & index constituents
  • Annual report data
  • CEO & Board
  • Identifiers & merging your data (Excel/Stata)
  • Bloomberg

Use this link to sign up for a workshop: https://eur-nl.libcal.com/calendar/EDSC-workshops

You'll receive a confirmation of your reservation through your ERNA email account.

Important! Due to Covid-19 right now all workshops are organised online, You'll receive a MS Teams invitation a few minutes before the start of the workshop.

Our workshops take place in room Y03-20 in the Polak building. Except for the Bloomberg workshop. The Bloomberg workshop takes place in room Y03-18 in the Polak building.

Your confirmation mail contains a URL to cancel your registration.

Every month the Erasmus data Service Centre organizes several different workshops. During these workshops we explain data collection for common topics like mergers & acquisitions, annual report data and stock prices. If you, as a lecturer, need a workshop that covers a more specific subject we encourage you to request a workshop. This enables us to organize a workshop with your specific goals in mind.

If you would like us to organize such a workshop, please send an email to edsc@eur.nl If possible, try to provide the following information:

  • Topic(s) and/or database(s)
  • Number of students
  • Preferred date and time
  • Bachelor or master

The EDSC offers (tailored) data-related workshops, such as:

Research Data Management: How to use the available templates for your research data management plan and how to implement research data management?

Tool - EUR Document Vault: How to safely collaborate online (inter)nationally using the EUR Document Vault? You will learn how to use this user-friendly yet safe tool.

Safeguarding privacy in research: How can you safeguard privacy during your research? When do you need a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)?

Check our calendar for available dates and register for a workshop:

It's possible, but you need to make a reservation

It's possible to use Morningstar but you need to make a reservation.

SDC Platinum is only available in Y3-17 (Polak building) but you need to make a reservation

The Polak building is open for people who need a study space and our computers can be used.

Yes it is, You can use this link to ask a question: https://eur-nl.libanswers.com/form.php?queue_id=2469

Yes it is, if you need a SMALL AMOUNT (max 1000 companies, max 5 data items) of data from Datastream you can send an e-mail to edsc@eur.nl. If your request is larger you need to use WRDS (Compustat and/or CRSP)

It is necessary that you submit an Excel file with information regarding your request containing the following information:

  • List of identifiers in column A of an Excel file, starting in A2
  • List of item codes separated by a comma (item 1, item2, item 3)
  • Time period (example: from 1-1-2010 till 31-12-2019)
  • Frequency: Annual / quarterly / monthly / daily data 

Have a look at this example file if your request doesn't meet these requirements we can't accept it..

You can use the Datastream Navigator to search for series and datatypes.
URL: http://product.datastream.com/browse/Opens external
Username: ZERA002
Password: TONIC521 

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