Fair Use Policy

The Erasmus University Library uses a Fair Use Policy to effectively regulate the use of digital resources. This policy is designed to avoid excessive and/or improper use.

In principle, the Fair Use Policy allows the unrestricted use of digital resources. However, excessive and/or improper use of digital resources is not allowed. Such use may lead to overload in the available capacity, which may affect the fair access for other users.

There is mention of excessive use if a user makes a more than average use of the digital resources. If the limit for average use is exceeded, there is no fair use anymore. In that case rapid intervention is necessary and an employee from the University Library’s IT-department will contact the person in excessive and/or improper use. The user is expected to adjust its use of digital resources. The University Library is not liable for any damage related to the Fair Use Policy on the basis of any measures taken.  

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