Agile methodology in libraries: innovations in library projects and management

IFLA Satellite Conference | 18 August 2023

Attention: the format of this event has been changed to a free online webinar on the 18th August.

Please check the programme for details and join us!!   



The use of Agile methodology is well established in the Information Technology arena and is gaining traction in libraries.  Agile methodology offers a means of improving the quality of outcomes by basing projects on a responsive evolution through rapid exposure of project ideas to feedback by users, improving the quality and relevance of the outcome to the library community.

The use of Agile principles and practices to library management and operations prioritizes flexibility and collaboration, allowing libraries to quickly adapt to changing user needs and technology advancements. Agile methodology emphasizes an iterative and user-centered approach, where requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams. Our open session on Agile during the IFLA WLIC2022 congress in Dublin attracted considerable interest.  In a library context, this approach can be applied to various areas, such as resource selection and development, technology implementation, and service delivery or management, among others. The goal of Agile in libraries is to deliver high-quality library services and resources in a timely and responsive manner.

Are you familiar with Agile methodologies? Would you like to know and share best practices, tools, or use cases, with library colleagues from around the world? Join us at this satellite, an opportunity to go deeper into Agile techniques, mostly from a practical approach.

The following areas will be explored:

  • Implementation levels of Agile methodologies in libraries; deciding the types of projects that are best suited for Agile and how teams may adopt the methodology.  
  • Demonstrations and analysis of Agile tools and techniques.
  • Implementation examples and case studies of agile methodology in use across different types of libraries.
  • Strategies and tips for building skills in Agile methods across teams and projects.
  • Agile practices applied within managerial and strategy-driven projects.
  • Applying Agile principles within adaptive and complexity leadership approaches; systems thinking versus linear management.
  • Agile project management by library services vendors.
  • Collaborative workflows in libraries using Agile methodology.
  • Agile methodology and hybrid library service delivery and user service engagement.


The IFLA Sections Continuing and Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL) and Subject Analysis and Access (SAA) will partner with the Information Technology Section for this event. 


The Information Technology Section will take the lead in collaboration with Erasmus University on the organization and management of the satellite conference.  

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