Results Library Survey 2022!

Library Survey 2022 news item

The results of our customer satisfaction survey are there!  We know what you are satisfied with, and we know our points of improvement. All winners have collected their prizes. So, the first survey for 2022 has been completed. Thank you for completing the questionnaire!

Below, a top 5 of your feedback with the facilities you are satisfied or dissatisfied with. And furthermore, a brief update on the follow-up up of the points for improvement and an explanation of how we intend to take up the results further.

Library Survey 2022 top 5 feedback

Of course, it is nice to read what you are satisfied with and to know what you think is not going well. We would like to inform you that a working group has been formed to give attention to the points for improvement. At this moment we are already discussing with EUR Facility Management about the cleaning of the toilets and we are investigating the possibility of buying new chairs.

We also understand your desire for longer opening hours. This is a long-term issue, because more parties are involved. But if we can influence it ourselves occasionally, we will certainly do so. In this way, we hope to be able to satisfy you during the coming festive season and leave our opening hours unchanged.

Library Survey 2022 action points

We do not want to tackle the improvement of the University Library on our own. We are currently developing a digital system in which you will be given the opportunity to think up solutions to library issues. Of course, these solutions can be related to subjects from the Survey.

But we are also planning to regularly ask you questions when we encounter problems in the University Library. We would like to ask you to come up with a solution via the 'Digital Solution Box'. After all, it's your building too and we want to involve you. More information will follow as soon as possible. 

More information

Questions? Contact us via our online form or call 010-4081198.

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