Data Management Plan

During your research project you will be collecting data. In order to keep track of this data, organize and structure it, a Data Management Plan (DMP) is essential.

It helps you to be clear and transparent about how and why you process (personal) data, as well as how you will share, store and safeguard it in a way that fits your research.

Benefits of writing a data management plan:

  • It helps you organise your data management process and will make your research process more efficient
  • It helps you identify the best tools for your research
  • It can help disclose potential data issues (e.g. storage for large quantity or special data)¬†
  • It will help you make your research more F.A.I.R. [Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable] for yourself and others

Writing your Data Management Plan

You can use the DMP Online tool to write your DMP (note: does not work via Internet Explorer). Create an account and log in, select the (funder specific) format you want, and the fill out the questions. You can also work on the DMP together your colleagues by inviting them and leaving comments next to each question when necessary.


Do you want more information on how to write your DMP or Research Data Management in general? Register for an introductory workshop on Research Data Management.

Or do you have questions when writing your DMP or about Research Data Management, feel free to contact the us.

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