Library services during Corona

On this page you will find information about the services provided by the University Library due to the current Corona measures.

  • The University Library, ISS Library, Polak Building (closed from 3 August due to the summer holidays) and Sanders Building are open on work days from 9.00 to 17.00 hrs. The buildings are closed in the evenings and at weekends.

    These library locations are accessible to EUR students and staff who have reserved a study space in advance and to visitors who wish to return or collect books. You can request books beforehand via sEURch.

    Opening hours library locations
    Opening hours other buildings on Woudestein campus (via MyEUR)

  • Studying in the Library is possible again. At this moment we have 300 study places available, for which you have to register in advance with your ERNA account.

    In order to keep all of us healthy and safe we have laid out some rules in order to have as little traffic in the Library as possible. Please come prepared and bring your own food and drinks.

    We love to see you again but keep the following in mind:

    • Come alone;
    • Keep a safe distance from others (of at least 1,5 meters);
    • Stay home if you have symptoms of a cold or the flu.

    You will be asked several questions regarding your health situation before entering the Library. In addition, you will be asked to present both your reservation and student card. Please be aware that no reservation means no admission to the Library.

    Reserving your study space in the University Library

    1. Reserve your spot with your ERNA-id online (you can reserve a study place from 9 a.m. the day before);
    2. You will receive a confirmation via email;
    3. Both the entrance and the exit are at the Institutenlaan (at street level);
    4. The Library is open from 09.00 until 17.00 hrs, Monday toFriday;
    5. No reservation = no admission to the library.

    Studying in other buildings on Woudestein campus

    Reserve a study space in another building (Polak, Sanders, Tinbergen and V Buildings) on Woudestein campus

    Print, scan and copy

    With a study space reservation for the Library you can also use the photocopiers to copy, print and scan. Copyshop Canon is also open again on working days from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs.

    More information

    Do you have questions or need support? Contact us via mail or call 010-4081198

  • The Library is open on work days from 09.00 to 17.00 hrs for returning and collecting your books. This service is available to anyone with an EUR student card or a valid library card. We love to welcome you back to the Library but keep the following in mind:

    • Come alone;
    • Keep a safe distance from others (of at least 1.5 meters);
    • Stay home if you have symptoms of a cold or the flu.

    Requesting books can be done as usual via sEURch. We have made your visit to the library completely contact free to ensure your health and safety as well as that of our colleagues. 

    Borrowing, collecting and returning books 

    • Request a book before 9.00 via sEURch and it will be ready for pick up the same or next work day;
    • Only come to the library after you have received notice that your books are ready for pick up;
    • Both the entrance and the exit are at the Institutenlaan (at street level);
    • You can collect your books between 09.00 and 17.00 hrs up to 7 days after receiving the notice for pick up.;
    • Books can only be collected by showing your library or student card; without your card borrowing books is not possible.

    How it works

    • After entering the University Library you indicate whether you want to collect and/or return books.
    • The library staff member will ask a few questions about your health;
    • You will receive a Library Services Card that gives you access to the University Library;
    • You follow the special routing;
    • You can return and collect books at the self-return unit and self-checkout machine next to the information desk;
    • You can also return books immediately upon entering;
    • You leave the building via the red exit route: you hand in the Library Services Card at the exit.

    Returned books will not be processed for a few days due to safety reasons, which means they will still be on your name in our system during this time. For example, when your return books on Monday they will be removed from you account on Wednesday. You will receive a confirmation of this transaction.

    More information

    Do you have questions or need support? Contact us via mail or call 010-4081198

  • Digital resources

    With our digital resources, e-modules and online services, we ensure that you can study or work from home as optimally as possible. These services are only available to EUR students and staff.

    Through sEURch, the Databases A-Z or Guides by discipline you can easily access online articles, journals, and books from your home. All you need is your ERNA account to login when requested.
    You can also install the Library Access browser extension which will automatically check if the sources that you are searching for on the Internet are available via the Library. More information on off-campus access.

    Physical collection

    Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to consult the print book collection (including required literature) in the Library's study areas. However, you can request these books in advance via sEURch and collect them. Read more about this under “Borrowing, collecting and returning books”.

    Special library collections

    It is currently not possible to consult publications from our special collections that are located in the Closed Stacks (History Didactics Collection, Jan Tinbergen Collection and books published before 1850). 

    Study Sections in Polak and Sanders Buildings

    You can consult required literature at the Study Sections of Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (Sociology/Public administration, Psychology and Pedagogical and Educational Sciences) in the Polak Building (closed from 3 August due to the summer holidays), but only if you have reserved a study space in advance. The same applies to the Study Section of Erasmus School of Law in the Sanders Building.

    Borrowing from other libraries

    From 1 July, it is possible again to borrow books from another library.

  • The Polak Building will be closed from 3 August due to the summer holidays. 

    The EDSC (Erasmus Data Service Center) only offers online support during this period.
    There is no individual support and using the Bloomberg/Eikon terminals and consulting Morningstar and SDC Platinum is not possible.

    More information

    Any questions? Mail EDSC, call 010 – 408 1232 or check the EDSC website.

  • The online Informations Skills modules of the Library help you how to search, find, evaluate and manage scholarly literature and data. These modules cover specific topics/issues that you come across when searching and handling online information for your assignments or thesis.

    Learn all about how to sift through the online information overload and find the information you need. Or how to evaluate your search results and how to check them on scholarly quality.