Accounting and Control
MSc Accounting, Auditing and Control

Why study Master Accounting and Control

Do you want to facilitate optimal business decisions by making sure all data are taken into account properly? The master specialisation Accounting and Control prepares you in the best possible way for a position as a business controller and offers, depending on the courses you chose during your bachelor, access to an Executive Master of Finance and Control programme that leads to the qualification of Certified Controller (in Dutch: Register Controller (RC)).

From Accounting Process Management and Accounting Business Ethics to Advanced Behavioural Finance and Management Control, the courses, electives and seminars in this application-based programme cover all topics essential to a successful career in controlling. This is how Erasmus School of Economics provides you with a solid background and well-rounded education.

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Is this the right choice for you?

Would you like to know how controlling of organisations can be organised most effectively? Is your ambition to contribute to sound management decisions and achieving corporate objectives? The Accounting and Control programme offers you an excellent preparation, both in theory and practice.

If you possess the following traits, you are in a good position to apply for the programme:

  • You enjoy mathematics and are good at it.
  • Your bachelor has given you a proper background in statistics as well as financial accounting and reporting.
  • Your social and qualitative skills enable you to communicate your results clearly and to work in teams.
  • By nature you are inquisitive, analytical and critical.

Why study Accounting and Control in Rotterdam?

At Erasmus School of Economics, you find yourself in a city with one of the largest ports in the world, a diverse multi-ethnic community and an interesting maritime tradition. In Rotterdam, you find lots of companies, both multinationals and more locally oriented, all looking for highly qualified and talented people to control their businesses. The need for management accountants, controllers and financial specialists is high. Add our vast and active network to the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you will gain from this programme, and you know this is the place to start your career.

We believe in the power of experience. In fact, we are well-known and appreciated for it by employers everywhere and this hands-on approach is one of the things that give our accounting programmes their distinctive character.

Studying in Rotterdam is an amazing experience. After I obtained my Bachelor degree at the Erasmus School of Economics I had no intention to leave the city and the faculty.
Boudewijn Martens
Student MSc Accounting, Auditing and Control
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We, as accounting students, are regularly invited to attend workshops and in-house days at audit firms with the aim of improving our own (soft) skills. It is a fun way to get to know possible future employers and fellow students!
Isabella Knoef
Student MSc Accounting, Auditing and Control
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