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Soft transition from bachelor to master

Bachelor students who, due to the corona measures, are delayed in the final phase of their bachelor’s programme, and who meet the programme-specific preconditions, will be admitted to the master's programme as of 1 September anyway based on ‘conditional admission’. They are allowed to start their EUR master’s programme while concurrently working towards obtaining their final credits in the context of their bachelor’s degree.

Due to COVID-19, some of you may have experienced delays in your studies. This means that you may not be able to receive your BA diploma (or for prospective pre-masters: the diploma that should give you access to our pre-master’s programmes) before September 2020.

Under normal circumstances, that would make it impossible to start with our MA programme in time. Circumstances, however, have not been normal during the last months and that is why we at Erasmus University have decided to consider admitting students to our MA programme who have not yet finished all elements of their preparatory education (typically a bachelor’s programme). This possibility will be referred to as a soft transition from BA to MA (or pre-MA to MA).

Whether we can grant those with deficiencies in their previous education access to our MA programmes under the current conditions, will be considered for each prospect individually. There are, however, a few general guidelines and requirements to decide to whom this exceptional arrangement may apply. These are the following:

  1. There is a maximum to the amount of study delay up to which you are eligible for a soft transition. This maximum differs for students coming from different types of programs. The following rules will be applied:
    • The amount of missing credits should not exceed 18 EC in case of a 180 EC BA-programme.
    • The amount of missing credits should not exceed 18 EC in case of a 240 EC vocational college programme (in Dutch: HBO).
    • The amount of missing credits should not exceed 10 EC of any pre-master’s programme offered by ESHCC.
  2. In addition to the requirements listed under 1, the admissions committee will also take into consideration the feasibility of graduating in time from the BA (or pre-master’s) programme that is formally required for entering one of our MA programmes. Thus, it is taken into consideration which course elements still need to be finalized, when re-sits for failed course elements will be planned, or how well you have done in terms of GPA and related indicators of study success. This allows us to assess the probability that you will be able to successfully combine elements of two programmes and receive your BA diploma, or other required credentials, in time.
  3. The BA thesis should be obtained before you start writing the MA thesis (January 1, 2021). Only planned re-sits for other courses can give you an extension of this deadline to August 31, 2021 at the latest.
  4. Admission to any MA programme under these special circumstances is always conditional until you have received your BA diploma, upon which your enrollment will be changed into unconditional.
  5. It is not possible to receive a MA diploma without having first obtained your BA diploma. 

If you are eligible for a soft transition as described above, please contact the programme’s admissions team at for further instructions on how to proceed.