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Which parties are active in the cultural sector? What are the interests of artist, the audience and distributors of arts and culture? And how can the arts scene hold its head up in the world? In this master, you will study how the international world of art and culture operates.

Entrepreneurial innovation. Creative, critical analysis. Engagement and exploration. Such are the indispensable attributes of professionals in the modern arts and culture sector. As both high art and popular culture are redefining their respective, and increasingly concomitant, role in society. Artists, producers and industries are repositioning and re-marketing themselves in a culture where leisure is an emergent commodity within an intensely competitive and changing market.

Digitisation currently allows audiences to access, criticise, alter and communicate an endless variety of cultural products. Globalisation blurs boundaries between nations, regions and cultural fields. Meanwhile, government policy is increasingly characterized by a laissez-faire mentality resulting in major subsidy cutbacks for the arts.


The Master Arts, Culture and Society can be followed fulltime or part time. When you study part time, you have to obtain the same amount of study points. The courses are spread over two years.

Below you will find the schedules of the part time programme. If you want to know more about a particular course, you can enter the course code in the Course Guide.

Schedule part time - first year

TermCoursesCourse code

Seminar 1: Advanced Sociology of Arts and Culture

Seminar 2: Critical Heritage Studies




Research Seminar (choose 2 out of 3)

  • Creative Cities
  • Artistic Careers
  • Ethnographic Research into Culture Participation

Or: Choose 1 elective and 1 seminar



Thematic seminar (choose 1 out of 8)

  • Media Tourism (CC4015)
  • Cultural Management (CC4105)
  • Arts Education (CC4017)
  • International Art Markets (CC4117)
  • Economics of Fashion, Design and Architecture (CC4119)
  • Art Today: The relational turn in Aesthetics and Contemporary Art (CC4025)
  • Museums in Context (CC4122)
  • Assessing the impact of Culture and Creativity in Society (CC4123)




Schedule part time - second year

TermCoursesCourse code

Seminar 3: Cultural Policy

Master Thesis Class




Seminar 4: Art, Audiences and Perception

Master Thesis Class



3Start Master's thesisCC4050
4Finish Master's thesisCC4050


Study programme

Below you will find the schedule of the fulltime programme. If you want to know more about a particular course, you can enter the course code in the Course Catalogue.

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