Business Analytics and Management

Why study Master Business Analytics & Management

This specialisation in our one-year (12 month) full-time MScBA study programme teaches you to understand, solve and communicate operational, tactical and strategic challenges from data in organisations.

What these challenges have in common is their complexity. They need advanced analytics – but the results can be extremely valuable for business. Your instructors each have their own expertise in particular business and management domains and will train you to apply your analytical skills in each domain. You learn through hands-on workshops and in-depth training to detect patterns and trends. You will find the causal relationships when you tackle real-life business problems in the business world. This specialisation of our MScBA programme also benefits from the ‘intellectual engine’ that is the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics at RSM; its network of companies and the on-campus Data Lab provide a rich environment for you to develop your skills and knowledge.


You will:

  • design business models that exploit technological superiority,
  • learn how to effectively communicate recommendations from a business analytics project,
  • discover how to deal with ethical dilemmas in data science,
  • contribute to positive changes in business.