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Why study Master Educational Sciences

Pedagogical and Educational Sciences

Are you interested in solving multiple and complex urban problems related to youth, families and schools? Would you like to earn a master degree in the field of Pedagogy? Become a policy-maker, consultant or researcher by enrolling in the master programme in Educational Sciences.

During this programme you will learn about innovation in education, the paramount role of assessment and testing and examine which methods are effective for children in urban schools and classrooms with diverse student populations.(please split this former sentence in two). This track includes modules in which current scientific theories on the effectiveness of both teaching methods and schools are discussed.

Why study a Master in Pedagogy and Education in Rotterdam?

  • The structure of the master programme allows students to put theory into practice.
  • Intensive interaction between lecturers and students, small classes and accessible teachers.

What is this master programme about?

The master specialisation Educational Sciences addresses the main issues that are currently relevant in education: educational innovations, assessment and testing and the growing diversity in pupils’ backgrounds. The starting point in our programme is the idea that successful solutions are always based on analyses at the micro level (which is in this case the pupil), the meso level (which applies to the learning environment and the school) and the macro level (referring to societal trends and educational policy). The programme uses cases and issues from practice which will be solved in small groups.

You will deepen your research skills through an advanced module in methodology and statistics. This will prepare you for your internship, your research project on the basis of which you will write your master thesis, and eventually your career.

The interesting thing about the content of this Educational Sciences master programme is that it links societal issues with processes in the classroom and individual pupil’s learning.
Professor Dr Sabine Severiens
Coordinator of the programme
Professor Dr Sabine Severiens about Professor Sabine Severiens

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