Global History and International Relations
Analyse international relations from a historical and global perspective

Study programme

Global History and International Relations highlights the rise and fall of empires and the emergence of international relations. In addition, it focuses on paradoxical processes of cultural homogenisation and increasing emphasis on cultural diversity in debates on national histories and heritage programmes. You will look at international relations in a historical context using approaches from social science, political theory and cultural analysis.

Understanding the past is key in understanding the present. In this programme, you approach modern history from multiple angles, examining social, political and cultural themes in the past – and connecting them with contemporary developments.

In this master programme, you study historical processes in a comparative and interdisciplinary manner. Drawing on insights from the social sciences, political theory and cultural analysis, you will learn to describe both the broad outlines and the unique aspects of historical events from the early modern period to the present. Studying topics such as international relations, migration, trade and cultural heritage, will provide a better understanding of the present as well.

The courses full-time/part-time

Below you can find the study programme. The master Global History and International Relations can be followed full-time or part-time. When you study part time, you have to obtain the same amount of studypoints. The courses are spread over two years. If you want to learn more about a specific course or want to see the current time table, you can enter the course code in our university's Course catalogue.

Video presentation master GHIR

Video presentation master GHIR

    • Term 1

    • Term 2

      • Maritime History and Port Cities


        The Rise and Fall of the American EmpireCH4136
        History, Memory and National IdentityCH4134
        History of Cultural DifferenceCH4133
        Histories of Local CreativitiesCH4139
      • Student workload: 5 EC

    • Term 3

      • Continuation of term 2

      • Research Internship

        Text and Context: From Source to ScienceCH4123
        Heritage and Fashion 
    • Term 4

      • Continuation of term 2 & 3

      • Globalization and the Making of Europe, 1850-present

        Travelling Things: the Making of Heritage in Different Educational ContextsCH4126
      • Student Workload: 20 EC

    • Year 1

      • Coursecode: CH4010
        Workload: EC 10

      • Coursecode: CH4122
        Workload: EC 5

      • Options:

        • Research Internship CH4121
        • Text and Context: From Source to Science CH4123
        • Places and Spaces of Fashion

        Workload: EC 5

      • Options:

        • Globalization and the making of Europe, 1850-present CH4124
        • Travelling Things: the Making of Heritage in Different Educational Contexts CH4126

        Workload: EC 5

    • Year 2

      • Coursecode: CH4001
        Workload: EC 5

      • Options:

        • Maritime History and Port Cities CH4137
        • The Rise and Fall of the American Empire CH4136
        • History, Memory and National Identity CH4134
        • History of Cultural Difference CH4133
        • Histories of Local Creativities CH4139

        Workload: EC 10

      • Master's Thesis:
        Student Workload: 20 EC