Land Management: Law, Finance, Real Estate and Natural Resources

Dr. Paul Rabé

Dr. Rabé is a political scientist by training, with a doctoral degree in policy, planning and development. His research focus is on land governance and access to land in urban and peri-urban areas. In addition to his work at IHS, Paul is also the coordinator of the Urban Knowledge Network Asia (UKNA)

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Ore Fika

Ore Fika is a urban land & housing development specialist currently working on obtaining her doctoral degree. Her areas of expertise include land tenure systems, community land trust, spatial development for green cities, resettlement & sustainable urbanism. Prior to joining IHS she worked as an architect in Nigeria.

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Charmae Pyl Nercua

Charmae Pyl Wissink-Nercua is an urban management and development expert specializing in land and housing development strategies with more than 15 years of professional experience in the field. Before joining IHS, she worked for several organizations, focusing on housing & land issues, participatory governance, participatory community development and urban poverty reduction programs.

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Francesca Vanelli

Francesca is passionate about social justice and she is interested in the overlap between land governance, adaptation and planning. She has experience in quantitative and qualitative research methods and in transitional and post-socialist countries field-based research.

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Together with its partners IHS works at the forefront of urban development. IHS advises local and national governments on urban issues, trains public works officials, contributes to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) discussion and much more. IHS works with global leaders in the field of urban development, including UN-Habitat, Cities Alliance and ICLEI. IHS also partners with leading Dutch universities in the Netherlands and around the world to deliver a comprehensive understanding of urban development. This comprehensive network allows us to arrange for inspiring guest lectures both from academic colleagues as well as professionals working in key organisations. Guest lecturers for this specialisation track include:

  • Harvey Jacobs: Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA); Visiting Professor of Department of Geography, Planning and Environment at Radbound University.
  • Geoffrey Payne: International Adviser at The World Bank; Owner of Geoffrey Payne & Associates: Housing & Urban Development Consultants.
  • Chris Zevenbergen: Professor of Flood Resilience of Urban Systems at the Water Engineering Department of IHE Delft; Project Director of DeltaCap.
  • William Verbeek: Senior lecturer & researcher at IHE Delft; One of the founders of the Flood Resilience Chair Group at IHE-Delft.
  • Kees de Vette: Environmental Advisor at City Development Rotterdam.
  • Loes van der Linden: Urban Water Advisor  at Rotterdam Municipality.

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