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Sui Generis is the official study association of the master Legal Theory & Socio-Legal Studies at Erasmus School of Law. We welcome bachelor students, master students and alumni. Together, we aim to answer fundamental questions concerning the foundations and underlying principles of law, looking at both law in the books and in action.

Questions that may have been overlooked in the bachelors are put front and centre in our association. What is law? What is justice? How do we argue for or against changes in law?

Law is a work in progress. Only by taking the responsibility to critically think and engage with law can we hope to improve it. Sui Generis stands for unique and that is what characterises our association and our approach to law. We aim to offer a place for independent, creative students who want to learn about and contribute to what law is or should be in today’s society. Instead of focusing on one field of positive law, we investigate the philosophical foundations underneath the law in all its forms.

Sui Generis organises regular social activities, drinks and (public) lectures. We offer interactive seminars with field experts, discussing a range of interdisciplinary subjects such as the impact of AI development on law enforcement, data mining and democracy, the development of the EU and much more!

We also organise a quarterly book and film club, guided by guest speakers. As a relatively young and flexible organisation, we encourage students to contribute their own ideas, organise events and take Sui Generis in new directions.

We strive to bridge the gap between the academic world and legal practice by organising inspiring events in collaboration with experts from different fields, emphasising the increasing importance of interdisciplinarity in legal academics and the legal profession. We also organise field trips to different courts and institutions. To summarise, we offer a place to students of all backgrounds with an interdisciplinary interest. At Sui Generis, you can further your development, investigate law in the broadest sense, and establish meaningful connections. Join us today! 


Sui Generis is open to anyone who is interested in legal theory, legal philosophy and/or socio-legal studies, regardless of your master. We are also open to bachelor students and alumni alike, who harbour an interest in legal theoretical questions and would like to visit our drinks, interactive seminars, book clubs and more. We welcome anyone eager to contemplate law’s place in society and discuss new ideas that can contribute to law in the context of a changing world.

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