Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society

Career opportunities for Master Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society

Multidisciplinary Master of Science

In today’s society, it becomes crucial to understand how technological advancements shape the way we work, organise, and govern. Social science is needed to address the ways in which technological change affects people, organisations, and society.

This multidisciplinary master will provide you with a thorough understanding of organisational dynamics in this world shaped by technology. It provides you with tools to navigate technological change, to develop your own considerations, and it enables you to advance technological interventions or intervene in them. This master will help you to land a job as, for example:

  • Policy officer for a variety of (non) profit organisations;
  • Business consultant;
  • Innovation officer;
  • HR advisor or consultant;
  • Trainer;
  • Researcher in a municipality or ministry;
  • Researcher in academia or a social scientific advisory council.