Master Place, Culture and Tourism
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Career opportunities for Master Place, Culture and Tourism

As a graduate of this programme, you will be an in-demand professional with a sensitivity to the interplay between culture, economics, media, society and tourism. Your broad theoretical knowledge will make you an eligible candidate for many positions, including: city marketeer, policy maker, consultant or researcher. Many organizations are looking for candidates like you, such as governments, film commissions, museums and festivals.  Also, you can start your own business in the field of cultural and/or media tourism.

Academic career

Excited to stay in academics after your graduation? Considering doing a PhD programme? At Erasmus University Rotterdam, it is possible to further develop your research skills. After completion of the Place, Culture and Tourism master you may be eligible for an an abridged programme of the Research Master Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts. You will be selected based on your academic motivation and talent.

Career Days

During this Master’s programme, Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication organizes Career Days, where you will be able to get a glimpse of your professional future. Companies and institutions present themselves to you and you will be able to meet graduates of your programme and learn from their experiences. At these Career Days you will have a chance to get noticed and start networking! It is a great opportunity for you to meet institutions where you can conduct research for your master’s thesis. By doing this, you will have an advantage when you step into the labour market after your graduation.


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Possible careers in the creative industries

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