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On this page you will find all information about practical matters and facilities around the campus, hygiene and events in times of the coronavirus.

Latest updates

  • Education on campus will no longer take place due to the lockdown.
  • We all work from home, unless when your research can only take place on campus. All employees and teachers must apply for permission to work on campus using this form (The form can be accessed via eduVPN, EUR laptop with Direct Access, Remote Desktop or wifi on campus).
  • The EUR follows the guidelines from the government and the RIVM. The RIVM guidelines apply to the entire campus (1.5m distance and the max. group size outdoors is 2 people).

  • During lockdown, there will be no physical educational activities and there will be distance learning. An exception applies to exams, practical education and supervision of students who need it the most.

    For all information about food, drinks, shops & services on campus, please visit this page

  • Yes, you need permission to work on campus. All buildings on campus Woudestein are closed. Should you need to go to campus, please fill in the digital form (The form can be accessed via eduVPN, EUR laptop with Direct Access, Remote Desktop or wifi on campus) which should allow security to let you enter the buildings. This procedure applies to teachers recording their classes on campus, researchers carrying out site-specific research and to all other employees who carry out site-specific work.

  • For all information about food and drinks on campus, please visit this page.

  • In order to guarantee the 1.5m as well as possible, it is important to follow the walking routes indicated on the campus, the instructions on signs, the ground and from the stewards. You can also take the 1,5m distance into account by for example:

    • Leaving a hall or office space only when there is enough space in the corridor.
    • Using elevators as little as possible (unless this is not possible for health reasons, even if otherwise stated).
    • Trying to minimize the number of movements during the day.
    • Take into account the changing moments of lectures and workgroups.
    • To follow the walking direction during changing moments on the corridors and to leave the corridors soon.
  • The number of stewards is at the desired number. The stewards make rounds over Campus Woudestein. Outside and inside the buildings, they talk to students, staff and visitors to comply with the measures.

  • The university library remains open to collect books and as a study place for students who need it most:

    • International students
    • Students with disabilities
    • Students acting as caregiver
    • Students who have absolutely no opportunity to study at home.

    More information about the Library. You can reserve a study place in the University Library here.

  • It is (legally) required to wear a face mask in all buildings of Erasmus University Rotterdam. If you do not wear a face mask, you must leave the building. If you wear a face mask, you are of course welcome in the buildings. If you participate in an educational activity with a permanent sitting or standing spot, you may temporarily remove your face mask during the activity. Once the educational activity has ended, you need to wear the face mask again. 

    A face mask is not necessary in the following places, but please feel free to wear one in these places:

    • If you participate in an educational activity in a building or provide an educational activity at a permanent sitting or standing place or if you work as an employee in a permanent sitting or standing space.
    • You do not need to wear a face mask outside the buildings, but other general measures such as the mutual distance do apply.
  • There is an exception for people who cannot wear face masks due to functional impairment or illness (visible or invisible). It has been established nationally that you must demonstrate yourself that you qualify for the exception requirement. See the website of the Dutch government for more information.

  • See for the latest information the Erasmus Sport website.

    • As of 15 December you can book your own tennis court on the Erasmus Sport website.
    • There are daily sports lessons via Zoom, these are open to everyone (see My Eur). 
    • At the beginning of January the Erasmus Lockdown Run will be organised. A professional "Virtual Run" including prices, rankings etc. More information will soon be available on the website of Erasmus Sport.
  • Some EUR locations may have additional or different rules, for example Erasmus MC, EUC, ISS. Our advice is to check with the organisation concerned which rules apply.

  • All the buildings on campus Woudestein are meeting the relevant regulations. RIVM’s advises that by law, all ventilation system in all buildings must operate according to the provisions of the Dutch Building Code. The applicable provisions depend on the building’s construction year and the building’s function. Ventilation refers to both air extraction and supply of fresh outdoor air. As we have had our system inspected, we can inform you that all buildings on campus Woudestein comply with the Building Code.

  • During the lockdown there will be no physical educational activities. After that, these rules will apply:

    • Fill a room from back to front, sliding as far as possible so that all available seats are filled.
    • Leave a room in an orderly fashion, first the people closest to the door.
    • Leave a room only when there is enough space in the hallway.
    • Postpone the use of the toilet until alternating moments and don't linger.
    • Leave the campus after school or find a suitable place to study.
  • Only Erasmus MC students may study at the Education Centre.

    Recently, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of non-Erasmus MC students studying or otherwise making use of the Erasmus MC Education Center. Unfortunately, this means that it is becoming more and more crowded there every day. Moreover, we have noticed that not all students present at the Education Center adhere to our internal corona rules. This puts us in a rather difficult position, as Erasmus MC obviously is not a medical school only, but also a hospital with strict (internal) rules and regulations. In addition, the number of people who enter Erasmus MC through the so-called “Passage” needs to be limited as much as possible. Contrary to Campus Woudestein, our Education Center is also closely linked to patient care and for this reason too many people simply mean a higher risk at being exposed to the coronavirus.
    We therefore call on students from all other Erasmus University schools to make use of (study) facilities at their own school or elsewhere at Campus Woudestein. Access to our Education Center is no longer possible, except for Erasmus MC students, and we will actively check student IDs.

    We hope that you understand this decision and that we can count on you all. Thank you very much in advance!

    • All lecture halls are cleaned in the morning between 07:00 and 09:00.
    • The surrounding sanitary facilities around the lecture halls will be cleaned after 09:00 hours
    • There are no intermediate cleaning rounds in the lecture halls
    • Equipment in the lecture halls (heatsets, screens, etc.) is not cleaned by Asito
    • Asito carries out result-oriented cleaning, and therefore also cleans non-usable areas if they are dirty
    • The office spaces are cleaned as much as possible in the morning
    • In the office space desk cards with a green and red side are used. Asito places the card on the green side after the cleaning has been done. The user has to put the card on the red side when he/she has used the desk
    • The study areas are cleaned as much as possible before 09:00. At UB, Polak and Sanders Studielandschap several rounds per day will be performed
    • Waste bins are emptied once, and if necessary several times a day. If a waste bin is ¾ full, it is emptied
    • Asito has extra focus on contact points during the cleaning rounds
  • A starter pack has been delivered per floor:

    • Bucket with sanitising wipes
    • Pump dispenser with hand sanitiser

    If extra items are needed in the starter pack, faculties have the option to order products themselves via the order form. The Lyreco range is included in the ProActis purchasing system.

  • Yes. RIVM has published guidelines on its website with a focus on preventing the further spread of the virus. This advice includes drying your hands with a clean, dry single-use cloth. A cotton towel dispenser meets this hygiene guideline.

    Cotton towel dispensers offer a ‘hygienic single-use towel solution’ for drying hands. A cotton towel dispenser incorporates a 2-chamber system, ensuring that the clean and used parts of the cotton towel roll are separated physically from each other in the cabinet.

    To be certain that no section of cotton towel is used more than once, the cabinet features automatic retraction of each used towel roll section. This guarantees that every new user receives a clean section.

    The used towel rolls are cleaned chemically by the supplier, which destroys any bacteria or virus particles.

  • It is not yet permitted to shower on campus.

  • During lockdown, most events cannot take place. Educational activities, exams or examinations are not included.

  • No, for the time being, the rooms are not yet available for events.

  • During lockdown, promotions and orations will take place, in principle online and in principle without an audience.


    May be physically present:

    • Candidate
    • Two paranimages
    • Partner candidate
    • Beadle
    • Chairman of the committee
    • Up to four members of the committee
    • Essential support staff (e.g. technician, usually behind the scenes)

    All other committee members and public online. Keep enough distance and wear mouth caps where necessary. Minimize movement. No drinks/reception.


    May be physically present:

    • Professor
    • Partner professor
    • Rector or substitute
    • Beadle
    • Essential support staff (e.g. technician, usually behind the scenes)

    Public fully online. Keep enough distance and wear mouth caps where necessary. Minimize movement. No drinks/reception.