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What are the implications of the coronavirus for employees and students of Erasmus University Rotterdam? In Erasmus TV, guests such as the Rector Magnificus and the president of the Executive Board, keep you updated. The broadcasts have now stopped. View all episodes from past months here.

Episode 41 (9 July) - How are students feeling about the transition to online education?

How are students really feeling about the necessary transition to online education. Erasmus Magazine asked them in an online survey. Students Denisa, Ilse and Ellen are joining us, just like the chair of University Council.

Erasmus TV 41

Erasmus TV 41 - How are students feeling about the transition to online education?

Episode 40 (7 July) - The new outreach program ‘Connecting our Future’

Erasmus University Rotterdam has announced their new outreach program, ‘Connecting our Future’ under the tagline of ‘Bringing Rotterdam to the campus’, but what does that mean? How do university outreach programs tackle systemic barriers and exclusion within our academic and wider communities? Chief Diversity Officer, prof. Semiha Denktaş, explains.

Erasmus tv semiha denktas

Erasmus TV 40 - The new outreach program ‘Connecting our Future’

Episode 39 (2 July) - International students and the new academic year

International student organizations are working hard on preparing for the upcoming academic year and for the arrival of new international students. Meanwhile, many current international students returned home during the Covid-19 crisis, how are they preparing also for the new year. Rose Korver of the International Office and Cara Sainsbury of Erasmus Student Network explain further on Erasmus TV.

Rose Korver Erasmus TV

Erasmus TV 39 - International students and the new academic year

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