Testing for your Future
A Rotterdam study on home testing by students for safe physical education

Home testing in education

Albeda, Erasmus MC, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and Hogeschool Rotterdam (HR) collaborate on the project 'Testing for your Future'. The study among 2000 students in Rotterdam was commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and ran from the end of April to mid-June. 

  • More information will follow in the course of April via your educational institution and on this web page.

  • Participation in this survey is always on a voluntary basis. Not participating has no consequences for, for example, practical training or exams and exams on campus / school.

What is the goal?

We want to enable more physical education in schools and universities. We think that home testing on corona can help to do that in a safe way. We would like to explore this possibility together with you as a student! This medical-scientific research will give us more insight into two aspects:

  • The usefulness of home testing in facilitating more physical educational activities at school or on campus. 
  • The effects of home testing on students' behaviour and well-being, in relation to corona measures and daily (study) life. 

Why participate?

  • You help to find a possible solution for more physical education. In this way, you contribute to more freedom, more social contact and a more pleasant education for yourself and other students. You are therefore making a very important contribution to the fight against the coronavirus.
  • As a student of the HR or EUR, you can study safely for six weeks this spring, four days a week, at one of the assigned study (work) sites at your school or university.
  • As a student of Albeda, you will have the opportunity to participate in various practical classes.
  • Other students who participate will also have access to their school or campus. This way, you can work and study together with your study friends in a safe way.

How can you join?

From each educational organisation (Albeda, Erasmus MC, EUR and HR) 500 students can participate. The study will start at the end of April and last for nine weeks. What is expected of participants in this study?

  • For six weeks, you take a home test twice a week. The test is quick and painless (a cotton swab in the beginning of your nose). If the result is negative, you may go to your school or campus for two consecutive days.
  • For nine weeks, you will fill in a short questionnaire every day. This will take 5 to 10 minutes. Before and after the examination, you will fill in a questionnaire which will take about 20 minutes in total. 
  • You will participate in regular checks at your teaching location (PCR test or showing your home results). 
  • Before the start and at the end of the test period, you will have a blood test to determine whether you have (had) corona.

When does the research start?

We will start at the end of April and the research will be completed by mid-June. The research project will only officially start after it has been approved by the Medical Ethics Review Committee of Erasmus MC. This committee checks whether the rights, safety and welfare of the participating students are sufficiently protected. 

Do you want to join?

Would you like to participate in this study? Alone or with student friends? Keep an eye on the information channels of your institution or check this website regularly for further information on how to apply.



  • We want to make more physical education possible in schools and universities. We think that testing yourself for corona at home in advance can help to do that in a safe way. We would like to explore this possibility with you.

  • In total, the examination lasts nine teaching weeks. The period in which you test at home and in the event of a negative result can go to your school/campus four days a week, lasts six weeks. In the other weeks you will only receive questionnaires.

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