Well-being & health

Do you ruminate about corona? Do you feel sad or worrisome? Or is your foremost challenge to find a (new) work life balance? Erasmus University Rotterdam wants to support you in these special circumstances to stay healthy. On this page you will find everything you need to know about well-being and health.

Latest updates

  • The most measures taken in the Netherlands to control the coronavirus are extended. Work from home when this is possible. Always keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres from other people. This also applies to the streets, the supermarket and the park. Do not go to busy places. Wash your hands with soap and water several times a day. Read more about the measures here: Government.nl/topics/coronavirus-covid-19
    • Do you ruminate about Corona? Do you feel sad or worrisome? Or is your foremost challenge to find a (new) work life balance? Erasmus University Rotterdam also wants to support her employees in these special circumstances to stay healthy. Continue to be in touch about your well-being with your manager or supervisor.

      Can you use some extra help? Then we offer you various facilities. These facilities are available for all our employees, regardless of your contract type. Don’t hesitate to contact one of the providers.

      On MyEUR, employees can read more about the ways in which EUR is supporting them and which facilities are available.

    • EUR has created an online platform Are you OK out there? where you can find all initiatives on student wellbeing. For example, tools to improve online learning skills, reliable modules and services on mental wellbeing, physical exercises, activities for social wellbeing and a helpline for those looking for a listening ear.

      Students can find Are you OK out there? on MyEUR (login)

    • EUR is an inclusive university that embraces diversity. There is never room for discrimination. When you face discrimination, you can make a report to a confidential adviser for students or staff or to your supervisor.

    • This service is provided by the public health services and freely available for all people.

      More information

      Test locations in and around Rotterdam

      Test locations in and around The Hague

      Background information

      Visit the website of the RIVM for more information about corona tests.

    • Yes, this is possible. The products of Lyreco are incorporated in the procurance system ProActis. Please note, that the costs will be for the school or service.

    • In the event of illness, whether or not due to the coronavirus, the normal reporting procedures continue to apply. Please report to your immediate superior.

      Sick and better reporting by telephone is preferred. Also report sick or better if you are working from home. Only in this way do we know how everyone is doing.

    • If you are ill due to the coronavirus or suffer from other health problems, the normal sick reporting procedure will continue to apply.

      Do you have mild respiratory complaints, such as a cold? And have you not been in contact with an infected person? And have you not been in a risk area? Then you can just come to work. Normal cough and sneeze hygiene is sufficient. Only employees from Noord-Brabant are an exception to this, see above.

      Leave for parents of children whose school is closed

      If you have to be at home to take care of children because their schools are closed, then opportunities for working from home will be sought in consultation with your supervisor. If that fails, the first two days fall under emergency leave. If this leave is not sufficient, then either regular leave (vacation days or ADV) or unpaid leave is used.