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What are the implications of the coronavirus for employees and students of Erasmus University Rotterdam? In Erasmus TV, guests such as the Rector Magnificus and the president of the Executive Board, keep you updated.

Episode 14 (9 April 2020) - Closure of buildings

Hans Smits en Merve Rousian discuss the closure of buildings on Woudestein campus and our Medicine students, who contribute where they can at Erasmus MC.

Episode 13 (7 April 2020) - Working at home safely and healthy

Tuesday in Erasmus TV: professor Laura den Dulk will tell us how to work healthy from home and how to keep your work and private life in balance. Lieke Skidmore, director HR, tells us more about what EUR has to offer when it comes to working at home.

Erasmus TV 13

Erasmus TV 13 - Maintaining your work life balance

Episode 12 (6 April 2020) - Music 

How can music help you get through the crisis and what is Studium Generale Erasmus doing about that? Frederieke Hoitink from Studium Generale tells us in Erasmus TV about the Music Monday initiative, and students Varvara Porechenkova and Juliana Boboshko talk about what music means to them these days.

Erasmus TV 12 thumbnail

Erasmus TV 12 - Music

Episode 11 (2 April 2020) - The new government measures

Hans Smits reflects on the new government measures announced Tuesday and what they mean for us. And what is your experience with online education? Researcher Farshida Zafar (ESL) want to know for her research!

Erasmus TV 11

Erasmus TV 11 - New government measures

Episode 10 (31 March 2020) - The challenges for lecturers

EUR swiftly switched to online education. What does it take to do so and what kind of issues does this involve for lecturers? Jeroen Jansz (CLI) and Dion Bongaerts (RSM) talk about this in Erasmus TV.

Erasmus TV 10 - The challenges for lecturers

Episode 9 (30 March 2020) - How will new students enroll for next year?

Without central exams in high schools, how will new students enroll for next year? Stella Verbrugge (Chief Enrolment) and Rutger Engels (rector magnificus) talk about this in Erasmus TV on Monday.

Erasmus TV 9 thumbnail

Erasmus TV 9 - How will new students enroll for next year?

Episode 8 (26 March 2020) - Online education will be continued until 1 June

Rutger Engels and Anne van de Graaf (Director of Operations RSM) talk about the consequences for students and employees in Erasmus TV.

The coronavirus is turning our world upside down. To prevent student’s wellbeing from being turned upside down as well, Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) has created an online platform Are you OK out there?. The Rector Magnificus tells more about the online platform.

Erasmus TV 8 - Online education will be continued until 1 June

Erasmus TV 8 - Online education will be continued until 1 June

Episode 7 (24 March 2020) - A safe and healthy work environment at home

Rector Rutger Engels reflects on the new measures announced by the government yesterday. Roos Schelvis (HR) talks about a safe and healthy work environment at home.

Episode 7 of Erasmus TV

Erasmus TV 7 - A safe and healthy work environment at home

Episode 6 (23 March 2020) - Asian students and discrimination

Today in Erasmus TV, Jingli Gao (CSA EUR) and Debra Young (Confidential Counselor) talk about how students with an Asian background experience discrimination these days.

Thumbnail Erasmus TV 6

Erasmus TV 6 - Asian students and discrimination

Episode 5 (20 March 2020) - BSA and the possible consequences for your studies

Today in Erasmus TV Lilian Jillissen (E&S) talks about BSA and the possible consequences the coronacrisis has for your study. Student Guido van Winden tells us about the many ways in which Rotterdam students offer help to those who need it the most.

Erasmus TV 5 - Coronavirus and BSA

Episode 4 (19 March 2020) - Coronavirus and Erasmus MC

Today in Erasmus TV rector Rutger Engels and Walter van den Broek (Erasmus MC) talk about the current situation at Erasmus MC and what this means for students of Medicine.

Close-up of Walter van de Broek live at Erasmus TV

Erasmus TV 4 - Coronavirus and Erasmus MC

Episode 3 (18 March 2020) - Coronavirus and studying abroad

Today's guests were Rose Korver from the International Office and the president of the Executive Board, Hans Smits. They addressed some of the issues that exchange students or international students are currently facing. Also, we spoke with some exchange students about the implications of the corona outbreak on their lives.

International Officer Rose Korver at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus TV 3 - Coronavirus and international students

Episode 2 (17 March 2020) - Response to speech Mark Rutte on measures coronavirus         

Today, Rector Magnificus Prof. Rutger Engels and Hans Smits, president of the Executive Board (ad interm), discussed the speech of prime minister Mark Rutte. They also answered questions of students and staff members in the live broadcast.

Erasmus TV 2 - Response to speech Mark Rutte

Episode 1 (16 March 2020) - The Executive Board about the measures for students and employees

The situation regarding the corona virus changes from day to day. What does this entail for your studies? Rector Magnificus Rutger Engels and Hans Smits, president of the Executive Board (a.i.) are discussing this in the first episode of Erasmus TV.

Hans Smits, Rutger Engels and Tessa Hofland

Erasmus TV 1 - Executive Board about measures regarding coronavirus